Pathes of preseeding

Naming of the Testcases:

So if one wants to measure the space of preseeding use cases theoretically:  3 * 3 *3*15*7

octave:1> 3 * 3 *3*15*7
ans = 2835

That is the chance to be misunderstood (as a help seeking user and as someone asking for working demos), because unprecise determination in this world of creationg is extrem. So we are extra-careful. Then wie need to proove that a maintainer’s demoscript is working and btw. keep it in the Testsuite. For example

a testfunction is then programmatically named




These are the use cases I figured out:

-case Environment: physical Hardware (hw), qemu, chroot( 3)
-case: Ubuntu/Debian/Linux (3)
-case: Guest:Ubuntu/Debian/Linux(3)
-case: Tool vor creation: one of the Fifteen
-case methods (about 7):
Debian methods: create the Boot-Medium  (hw) (These are two enduring processes: 1. creation 2.installation AUS DEM NETZWERK HOCHFAHREN

PXE (?)configuration for the boot server:/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default

Preseed-Datei nach /media/usbdisk/preseed.cfg EIN CD-ROM-ABBILD ERSTELLEN

debian-cd/README.. (hw: complicated?)

  extended Ubuntu methods (who many?)

  virt-install methods:  (who many?)

-(inject from path and netinstall)

working Demo:

virt-install –connect=qemu:///system –location=\-i386 –initrd-inject=Downloads/preseed.cfg –extra-args=“auto“ –name d-i –ram=512 –disk=pool=default,size=5,format=qcow2,bus=virtio

-(other use cases, which not, which are left?)

Commented Link List;a=summary who is packer?

BabelBox: automated DebianInstaller testing and demo machine


BabelBox is a system designed to demonstrate the automation (bingo) capabilities of the Debian Installer. It also shows the high number and the quality of translations available for the installer. It is well suited for a live demo  (bingo)on a booth in an expo or any other event.

Todo: -issue a feature request:foolproof, out of box, quick preseed testing, feature: Test_whole_debian_family_playing_check_against_each_other

-install on test machine with virt qemu cl, running a hello world to run a guest in a guest, good Idea? cpmletiong state, stale: no ip connection with host.

-BabelBox: a lot installation, a lot installation planning.. Automate installs with preseed 8 automation usage cases as Howtos BabelBox, web-if for sources, preseed 10 years old  Installation report template  so, this is the official uptodate developement repro git hub of debian? Ok . This webif does not of to look up the author and date per file as known from github, one should use local git.      here preceeding developement takes place as well, at least perl test suite for preseeding   the zoo

three preconfiguration methods=(initrd-preseed file-preseed network-preseed)

8*4*4  Installation methods=

(Boot Udebs ? Base system Tasks)*(CD network harddisk USB CDimage)(netboot mini.iso businesscard CD netinst CD full CD/DVD hd-media)

The five stages with its components with the three preseedings between.

Here you got the vocabulary, do you know all? This is the big picture. And surely you can demo test none of them.

About the Is-Situation, about users‘ annoyed, 10 years lasting and now situation; a frequent opinion to be found about the historic situation of availability of the functionality. It is the accusation against the development of preseeding as a whole, limiting the user sensibly and have him kept away from the functionality as hopelessly remorseless as effectively permanent.-  Worth to be discussed in how far this gets true.  Hardly to imaging to find a setting in which to discuss it governed by rationality – probably! Does that say, that these „admins-developers“ keep it messy, not to loose the jobs? If so then hostile intention shall be considered. And: Debian is by no means the only tool for donating confusion.  qemu, lib-virt live in the same boat assuming any such regime of desinformation. In a broader view I have not considered, if security concerns could be affected or not.  I at for moral objections can perceive no impiousness around heading for a world of „easy images“ – up to now .  I rather should consider „racket influence“ instead, some „brain wash“ among the people concerned, maintaining them users in odyssey mode while leaving time at it. The situation is bizarr.  They think in everything but not in maintaining a „easy image“ solution; here is where doubts come up. If one needs to admit, that an „easy image“ solution is not simply possible, this equivalents to „we have not even a „hello world“ of our software.  As the software than appears rather a big „hey“ stack of scripts of historic staff, one should head for a completely new design and rewrite. And to a discussion about it. For my problems at the stage I am writing this, I believe: having not a decent IP connection to the guest is an qemu issue .. Good by and good Luck Debian, Debian-Installer by now. (:

Yes, and one could check ouf babelbox, but therefore it is necessary to learn packer. Packer?

On the other hand, thinking on a campaign  qemu-buro-dpkg comes in. Why not ask among  the 240 coderd and contributors of – for example nowadays – packer, to provide a  „helloworld easy image“ for qemu-buro? Is it not easier on base of this analysis, to just contribute an „hello world“ and then return to your code work of your presumed business world around images without? I want to reasonably petition to contribute code on the debian-boot mailing list. Thanks in advance.   another newer unofficial block including the below, but where is the explication to hello world a guest?

d-i preseed/late_command string \ in-target wget -O /root/; \ in-target /bin/bash /root/ I could not understand otherwise than another promising „we wont hello world for you“ show: „QEMU, Virtualbox, and VMware builders“

lightweight, portable, and command-line driven. This makes it the perfect tool to put in the middle of your continuous delivery pipeline.   says „JavaScript“ is a trademark of Oracle Corporation.[35]“ 

Why do they torture users with json format, is their anything to learn from it? Before using me, you should should put a file .json on your computer? This what you call command line usage? (No?) Jason? Was not the speech from him, when oudeis went to Kirke?




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