A Alsa-Salsa-Project hello worlds and first steps

On composing with rosegarden, it is to say that each time I fire it up, it needs a hassle of 1 hour to have it spit out a tone at Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Thanks. And I am handling it now over a year.  Do not know at which time the system denies service for ever. I mean that drastic is the situation. (can be seen commercialisation self crippling very corrupt and modern effect of big business entering in free software , why not? That explains why we need brute force methods: kill the processes from the kernel process lists with a root account for regular usage, who responds to this situation? Not the user, at least. One can read this as always as odyssey as demonstration of hindrance. One comes to the conclusion, that the these systems of software offering be it the vm-case (upper post on „easy vms“, be it rosegarden, pretend that they do not care the casual user a demo fireup at first usage and anyway „hello world“ feature? One would consider a such a casual user contact as a gros offence.
So: There is a grossly the user offending practice, pleasing commercialisation, free software interests anyway, is not it?
Grossly user offending is something I would condemn and undermine. One should fire regular stress tests at this bug, I find. Anyway, at least, I find, that with finding this phenomenon happen in other parts of the tool chain of various softwares, that does not excuse from the accuse of having user mistreat happen using their tools. So one does not deem, if any free software people get defensiv too soon, right? I hope this question gets a soon solution, that what I can say. Why, hell, their is no „hello world“ of your work available? Still not, is that not getting similar keeping them away from the user? Yes? Yes? They say the do not think in the use case of their casual usage so much, but in those of there customers. That is that, what they are saying and that by no means crosses the line free software rights. But then after a years off servicing they take the form of crippled user interface for their -casual- users. It may be arguable, that this is the case here, but I soon would argue that. It seems over more that one should better have intervened already years earlier. I do by no means want a hall of shame for this kind of cases, but a bug tracker. I gonna stuff that in their bug tracker, lets see, how they notice it.


Have fun!)

Anyway, I cycle at it:

This is the script supposed to be working:


qjackctl -s
timidity -iA -Oj -B2,8
Result: Sound

Test1 shutdown from Test0

[2] Fertig qjackctl -s
[4]+ Fertig rosegarden

root~# killall rosegarden; killall qjackctl; kill -9 `ps aux|grep „timi\|jack“|cut -c10-15`;aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav

Result: clean and default sound hearable again.

Test2 after Test1 run Test 0

qjackctl -s&

sleep 3
timidity -iA -Oj -B2,8&

sleep 3  # I ask everybody which user could step over that easily about this usage barrier?


#open lasst file with, play, no sound, go to Studio/MidiMixer, there play flipper a little with the option until Sound appears at you ears.

result: all measures fail

Test3 after Test1

state of the art: qjackctl -s& sleep 3; timidity -iA -Oj -B2,8& sleep 3; rosegarden –nosplash .local/share/rosegarden/examples/bogus-surf-jam.rg &

press play in gui
Result: Sound

Test4: Give me immediate Sound after rosegarden fire! up

to be done
How can help me doing this Test 4.
linked text



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