basecamp; sikuli? I just wonder what has that obviously commercially made of design with free software to do? I picked it up by a videos. Google found some 6000! 6000 videos of this application, wow. And I have searched for it all the time and I was existing without me sensing that. Hm. Hello Paradise city, first.

Well I have by the end of the day half a dozens of private applications.

Well this can be proud anyway therefore. It is a hit that it stands on java. But now what happened to be deed that the horizon of user interfacing has grown in direction of certain scale. I would put a certain interim stage called: GUI decompiling language of a decent „gui decompiler“.

The point of privacy development here is simply that the user has no opt out against the programmers side dictate. Case of unbreaked hostility become commons and with it the need to have that poisoned industrial offering under quarantine.  This is basically human and rational behavior, and anyway will as a unforeseenly or foreseen insult take place in this theater.

But at this time nobody cares and they do not know which tools they got and run even risk to loose them again by maintainance negligence and or communication problems. I met one or two these days.

vncdotool got a marcro recorder. While sikuri has a image snippet orientation on the motor, powered with opencv, So you have to deal whole day long with any jpg snippet directories.

The heaviest problem right now is, to get in any how a overview about the use case cognition theory.  Do web work. Which are the templates around? Some how I have not the slightest idea about that society accumulated here. There are


-gamers, there are user interface testers, a few. There is the

-university develop-team, or

-one programmer, if not

-none tomorrow. They got

-private donators. (I am not sure but I guess you got “

5brokers“, anybody doing


-online business, not? But definetely not all, they needed to be those that existed as

-grey eminence but never talked on there decompiled gui experiences. Imagine a significant group of anonymus secret users, as it was clandestine. So they percieve it like that and do not speak about it: This is for

10 -parents to contact with their kids, I bet.

Yes and there is concurrence, with a similar approach, I bet, uipath, you can go there to study the feature list of what is in reach.  And ordered. They talk about so called „back office“ customers.

What do they do? They do the same as the gamers with there professionally even bought, but nevertheless harming, interfaces. So one should bet on grey use cases, on criminal use cases. The

-traditionally thought ( witch-) masters brainwash their apprentices in a regular discipline, being simply of wider reach. On ground of that templating: , well might be industrial uses dispersed in the mean time, I bet, and you know these Harry Potter Zauberlehrling Cult line production is do be explained sensationelly that way. These user classes need to be seen on scale to be friendly guides of the user, if in batman outfit, too.

You do the prominent torture brainwash with it were the prominent thought, therefore the hiding. – „back office“, a back office hand lens, huh?

But: there is no ! signal in the internet of such customers, they are by now not free software users. Ha, hui, aha, hm, oh, oha. Oho, aha. nana.


Question: So I search for the reason, how that comes and how the very circumstance gives feedback to the situation prestabled see: paragraph 80. There should be going on any sinister some psychodynamic never unbitter seen monad stuff, I would like to have a second voice on.

Question: Is there right now no theory/practice on decompiled gui interface automation around. I am aware   Christina Cifuentes , in a wider sense processing gui into script function by analysing the gui interface nobody came still to the idea, or is there something existing on that? How to find that out? Who could know? Mit providers? Maybe? Is there a mailing list. I fear there is not? Yes at mit provider there could be signal to be expected of that prominent matter. This got to be a real investigation milestone.

I expect from such gui decompiling theory the „coordinates“ of given gui and out of that first the naming scheme for my features. They gonna have a signature I imaging. Each feature, so if it not found out automatedly (some day), it should be registered by its finger prints in its ongoing ways juggling-mapping. 

At least it shall deliver statistical data for decompiling aids. Cause that is – unforeseenly I bet among brainwashers- is taking place: the decompilation of that gui hurdle in the users head.

I have application for it as prominently to read job data bases and prominently to send emails from a private email account. Well I said that I feel it grow to dozens use case applications to be found on the upcoming way.

I think I will do no other thing than brew my own home brown stuff together with siruki and vncdotools and put it under mudanca qa high stage any day survival toolkit tests. One and second make use of them in the database and email sending motor. So three test functions could be made out of having been posed beneath.

No idea still, what basecamp could do for one though.


google wonder sikuli gives this eventuality:

wget -q -O-|grep „magic\|demon“|wc
2 239 1481

A Congo Mother Survives Cannibalism to Save Her Children: Why Her ……/256405/
Diese Seite übersetzen
26.04.2012 – A Congolese bishop named Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku was one of the first to alert the larger world, broadcasting the story of a man who’d been …

„The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom,
but to set a limit to infinite error.“
— Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo

Users are not stupid, but usability experts follow a simple rule, „Users are
hard to refactor“. If you change a single keystroke, you will discomfit
someone, somewhere.

lets discomfit first!

Functional Reactive Programming

4.3 PhD Plan

Equations involving UI
elements are transformed into GUI-aware code using this interface, and we allow
usersto write low-level codefor those widgets or operations that are not specifi-
cally supported by our framework and interact with the rest of their application.

Aber hallo.


Sikuli – for all those hard to reach places!


intended here is Sikuli playing Angry Bird, if you are having issues with Sikuli installation, please see here, here, here, here. I did not see any recorder for Sikuli, though I saw references to one all over the web.

perprivateprovider usecases ca 20 android, twitter, facebook, dunno.

it only handled relatively simple cases, and it felt a bit like a science project (at the time, anyway… this was 2010). Good commercial alternatives at the time included eggPlant and T-Plan.

Sikuli: Automate Anything You See on Screen (
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hyuuu 176 days ago [-]

I used this to automate my unemployment benefits, no joke. You have to keep reporting hours (every week I think), so I just set this up and run it, the closest thing I get to having a piece of software that makes money #sosad


1 Question to that. Where are your templates, then? Please?

2. You guys got such look as dollar signs ante eyes, that you loose the big picture in it? Monads? You got even speak something that is not possible to exist: namely the application as an offer to contract

(that meant freedom between the partners, which is obviously not given: You are better seen, as making the monkey on their commands, they threatening with a violation of most basic rights and basic fundamental need, and  you betraying eventually future prospective partners or the like thatfore, well, yes, that is btw, but should indicate you to fail to provide software for that, aha?

And are part of the problem at most. No less thank_ you_ for having prominently driven up to that point! Not less that the question could be arised here, right?

And investigating the quote comes with feature usecase experience guarantee. You got Time dwarfs of hours. These are passing the torture. – For you while you where not there, they got tortured were badly I must require for my private users‘ benefit, ok? – And you got Time dwarfs of weeks that to provides the customers‘ periodical delivery. Congratulations.

What I from the beginning on can not understand, how is to be dealt with prominence of that many so to see or so to handle and that for to define: torture times, T-time. By private business? Question mark? By ongoing private business around that. This is the official advice no less.

At this, it is not true that you need to deliver the hours reports, yes, now I understand they can check this while checking the validity of your product. The private communication stuff got dates … so the tale is that hours of your private schedule are marked as batman time, yes? Being that official legal requeriment yet or not yet. That is when you supposedly did swindledly sit it manually. -But again. We should even think of a so called partisan mode, kind of KZ-mode on that scale, lets assume a situation upcomming next for the user to be prepared to:

wget -q -O-|grep „Rudolf“
<p>Der Hilfsarbeiter Rudolf Petersen berichtet, dass er aufgrund einer Anordnung von Dr. Janning <a href=“/wiki/Zwangssterilisierung“ class=“mw-redirect“ title=“Zwangssterilisierung“>zwangssterilisiert</a> worden sei, weil er einer <a href=“/wiki/Kommunismus“ title=“Kommunismus“>kommunistischen</a> Familie entstamme. Rolfe versucht nachzuweisen, dass Petersen geistig minderbemittelt sei und dass Menschen aus diesem Personenkreis auch in anderen Ländern, unter anderem in den USA, zwangsweise sterilisiert wurden.</p>

This is droven in terriffic usecase mode, cause you will need a ressources and energy sparing solution, too. I bet. But anyway this ought to be a guaranteed must be use case, that is true.

Like have the user saying:

Dear judge, all I have to report from my personal case is that I was tortured at my hours time dwarfs stead that hard, you would wine. And on the other hand look at my production line, it is impecable. You got relatively little sorry to keep me living for another while, „man weiß nicht wie,“ 162 

From the projects point of view, one is to acknowledge that all the environment is full of ocurrances of so called prominence that one could think of a public or cooperative prominence server. If the claim is not to be secured against whatany prominence threats as a provider of such functionality, it feels helplessly incommunicable the help support to the publishing and providance effort, not to think even about maintainance.

A kind of hood handling market pops then up, right?

The concerned in rudolf lost his egg film, might perceive a loosier relationship with a their coffee purse next. Well and yes, I might point to qemubureau’s Mudanca Policy on prominence aware, at prominence communicating tool production design to be found on github (last paragraph) these days, too. One needed one for the fields of providance, maintainance, publishing. Ongoing bets? Status quo of on going bets? Discussions around on bets on a server client scenario solution these days? None?



is not such in the context of conditional welfare, „benifits“. To be true: You would have better spelled the name of Kant once, before falling in this.

3. Where are the templates? Why are they not provided, could not the maker imagine that a whole people needs to use it that very way? Instead that making a magic out of it? Some kind of terribly huge communication gap between him and some rational being.

4. Yes, and or simply perceived as: Prominent situation because anyhow anywhat threatening in it.  Even more to the Vagueness hurdle of stripping out the private stuff and publish. All together lead to that event explication.

Question: I needed to start a sikuli template not in reach situation investigation. If I do not find signal here. Ah, deep breath at the coda. 


fit2rule 176 days ago [-]

Congratulations. You’ve made Kafka proud! 🙂

critical sounds 1-100


got a first list of them tools


LDTP, gui aware??
Sikuli WYSIWYS-Tool
autokey google
tails #they shoul own sikuli templates
eggPlant and T-Plan.
self scripting vs sikuli

1 → 75 of 5702 results It is the forum. Gamers asking mainly.


I need templates.  Where are they? How is the file, the code file layout for typical personal production cases? And more? Yes. It is to remark that the mit secures one of our freedom as a gain of civilisation, as true prominent marker on a virtual grade of civilisation scale. And is hold up by the coffee pursue of mit for questions of prominence, by this time. Well what keeps one freezy however that there were no admittance of a „resentiment“ against this tool. Which then leads to critical doubts for long time support stable providance. Well this is kind of first impression of a newcomer.

How could it be, that I could not find from ahk gamers board to mit gamers board? Question mark?


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