Done it now radically göthestyle

Hi there, what is going on here:

I want to present my bildungstuff right from beginning to the end, that way that a keen found teacher is prepared to due insight as a standard:

So lets roll out here in the internet 2 or 3 pieces of problem, to earn enough for a basket of a post whitin a blog roll.

Well my notes say: 1. Driver program for Google API calendar, Bank A, Bank B, 2. gnuaccess process thread from installation and scratch 3. It says to fix and invent a harvester lines, log file, greeters, demons, for private issues, ok. Yes, and now, I note, that below the driver tasks are a dimension counted imaginary part of complex numbers scale: -j1. -j2 libreoffice API, named UNO, to dump to .txt, or updating index, or inserting a snippet of text. Another one is a

So you got exposed 5 fantastic tasks:



Test_LibreofficeUNO-„dump to .txt, or updating index, or inserting a snippet of text“


I will work at these, finding its, Test’s, highest coverage template, by whitin their docs, of demo hello worlds, fire them up, change and fire up again, keep results, a 5 times to get ready once, I mean. Even in best this it needed a careful liga-lexical observation, to determine, that is to deliver a congruent progress related usage policies. – which is supposedly of some effort.

Well, I forget to note that I am holding an general automation tool chain list, that a person Werner administrates, ongoingly filled, so we are working against this belt. Zauberlehrling at the very moment, right now? Ok? We did it Göthestyle today I praised it, right? For it liga-lexical congruent progress stage of a dominion one ordered for a well mesurement of its historic appearance, I got to have it in order, while these liga-lexical barriers did impact. What will happen, well 0,1,2,.necessary 100? I do not know?

So we dig in private.. notes a while…

import os
import time
from pymouse import PyMouse
from pykeyboard import PyKeyboard

import uno

: 9. Okt 2017 @ 11:17

Hi, then, I found it different in the end. You got to our three prominence points a round there, or one whole for them whole, you would be free to assume you yourself. Now. to help it on a considerable level of nursiness, not more, we see them attacker dilenquents right at the kernel of gnu regex high castle, training against the it the whole attackers crew since from a little decades ago, end plot templates stapling,: namely the fourties of the last century. Well you got prominence, in that it is port to personal publishing free by effective signal and local public police, wants to have forbidden, for being in anyhow to mighty: So a regex view on the in anyhow publishable data should be stand a to use. To speak about that here in my Göthebuilding course, yes, I deemed it came any way always to what not changed, so propose what? Yes, the producted, payable, rexeg training, a regex building at it. I mean as a general command? Cause: Like it is falsely, betrayed to be an attribute of so called Nerds, which is in so far not nonsense that most people had no fun with it without applying that is playing with it. It is, would certainly for some, to effort some for them to dominate and keep dominated a language that was designed for them, as for in human-machine any-human-speech-words-sequences-a-ware. So this is a building mission, aha? I need to say integration, ha ha. And 1940ies regex is still the best to use thats the spooky situation, not less, we will come up leaving some templates, with nobody intervention, thats all. But ok: Excursion about ones own regex building affordable state of the art. The development of the arts, pieces in form of lines, of my owns, which I deem difficult even I to read a time later. So I would not try to understand each, but I will harvester my own stuff, and well that should be all, and a well equipped driver mechanics novella garage report and. So they got in trouble, a Newbie Zauberlehrling, drops even, to it? I say as Serlo, let us collect we have castle on our side, and we have a prominence point endangering our culture, so most honorable among might be these the anti-anybody-soon-publishing-task-forces in might many cases. We do a tail, we got „a always sudden attack to gnu regex“ a castle, a figure it is driver, he knew another figure she named novella, and yes there is coming to flirt with him another figure Pubus and he was accompanied by his friend wait: Faschisko, Pubus wants to seduce Driver, Novella knows Pubus, about that, and also acknowledges Faschiskos presence, as if by Driver.  Yes, and as if someone thinking of an hamlet, you can use a Figure Reski, for a ghost, to reflect that you at an focally point for the severallity of prominence problems as by a but real world gnu regex fortress, these days. I had found that another tdd lines, 4, 5 sufficed it thread explosioin of my owns. So then I came back for a personal reqex self building person’s report recipe, a ware, ok?

Do 12. Okt 10:45:57 CEST 2017

It is namely about the whole upsetness at the irritation of the first moment, when revealing as shine falling through a scene, namely its bare risk effort a main issue. Falling to the scene, where everybody is astonished, that with this free little tool it everything nearly could be done better than with any later attempts till since 1900 Larry Wall (the tigers out „news“ right now?) now. What a catastrophe for him fascism to now, so to say, not to be able to overcome regex as for technical efficiency. The decades history of making use of an oh so growing shame, including nearly more or less everybody, no? That is everywhere they are working, they donor something bad competing a good they could preserve. It is all about that they lacked building and now should forward to re-force it, while kept real world unharming, in a requested novella production happening by the way hopefully, an integration effort. That would be a Figure Serlo bet, about this whole regex competitors reigns far out there. – Or should not we do better an opera out of it?

Is there a general gnu regex building general advice? I would ask?

So 15. Okt 17:23:56 CEST 2017

well, es always, I needed to have my fingers dirty in a driver stuff a while, to notice that what was lacking was insight, aka solution, happening there by: Doing something the göthe-style reveals problems of it proper format, happens an example of it, that is therefore processed thereafter by its own inherent methods. We talk of Göthe being a politician, so we brought it to the very point in feeling a Göthe’s policy in the perhaps the shipping style. No, that is all. You got a ware, it has its proper features, a list, where each portion of that feature list, is mining a solution handling of any source not in question in the first, let us have this. But: That is you have a certain cultural effort to save a 20*n babies‘ acute adoption and the burden of mentioning it. Its worthy mentioning goes a long with its mining, within the sense of common source software.

I will leave link when ready.





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